These days an electronic device has been a part of nearly every aspect of the usage grows the demand falls on safety and protection for devices. though the demand is increased people expect for a cheap and best solution.

In order to be a good citizen and a future engineer I am introducing the smart chip idea which can track any kind of electronic devices. this idea is a combo of both electronic and programming sector. The idea of adding a smart chip which is dumped with program will definitely make sense for the device to get tracked.

This would be a better solution because till now there are only ideas for tracking mobiles not for any other electronic devices like laptop, watch etc. the chip progress will be rapid and the profits will be enormous.


The concept of smart chip will be an extended version for nano technology which has been on demand for the last decades of twentieth century. the wide use electronic devices were absolutely dependent on advances in nano technology.

Since their appearance, microchips have transformed much of human society. They are now found in computers, guided missiles, “smart” bombs, satellites for communications or scientific exploration, hand-held communications devices, televisions, aircraft, spacecraft, and motor vehicles. Without microchips, such familiar devices as the personal computer, cell phone, personal digital assistant, calculator, Global Positioning System, and video game would not exist. As chip complexity increases and cost decreases thanks to improvements in manufacturing techniques, new applications for chips are constantly being found.

An integrated circuit made with a chip which should be dumped with a customized code. The customized code will be involving things like notifying where the device is, alarming if it is nearer, some advanced features.

These devices use communication through electromagnetic waves to exchange data between an interrogator (also called reader) and transponder for identification and tracking purposes. The transponder generally consists of an IC for storing and processing data signals, and an antenna for receiving and transmitting signals.

The device can be fabricated at bio-molecular scale that interrogates its local chemical environment (sensing) and/or controls the biological machinery inside a single living cell. Remote monitoring at such a small scale provides the selectivity requirement, that is, local control of bio-molecular machinery without damaging cells or affecting biological events in the surrounding medium.

The technology allows real-time remote monitoring of fully-autonomous implants in the human body. Read range of communication for these implants is about 10cm. Such short-read range is advantageous for meeting security or confidentiality requirements.

Passive technology overcomes the limitations of lifetime, reliability and size of implant devices that require a battery. Electromagnetic field received from the interrogator is the source for supplying power to the passive transponder.

Two techniques used for wirelessly supplying the required power to read data from the passive RFID chip are inductive coupling and electromagnetic coupling. In inductive coupling, a time-harmonic magnetic field is generated by the low-frequency current in the interrogator coil. In the near-field region, inductive coupling may occur between this coil and the transponder coil.

Electromagnetic coupling uses electromagnetic waves that propagate from the antenna in the far-field region to power the passive implant chip.


As a conclusion, some tracking devices are used to support daily life usage. Tracking devices is one of the technologies to help human in tracking their belongings. As mention on the above, there’s many usages for tracking devices. Some of it is used to track someone or animals or their properties.

Based on the discussion, there are about the usage of the tracking devices on human, animals and properties. Tracking devices can be implemented on human, where they won’t get lost and will be detected by others, SCRAM for the drunken driver, an enhancement of tracking devices to monitor, also called as house arrest, and etc.

Other than that, there’s about the technologies used on the tracking devices, such as using Bluetooth, RFID, wireless Local Area Network, ultrasound, and video tracking/image analysis. These technologies are used on the tracking devices; specifically describe how the tracking devices work using which methodologies.

On the later part, it is about the selection on which tracking devices that are suitable for Wang Wang Pet shop for FYP. The devices that been proposed are mean for small pets that’s either for rent or sales. With these tracking devices, the pet will never get lost again. Inside of it, there’s also the cost of a tracking devices.

The next would be on the software development for the tracking devices. It used Eclipse to programmed where Eclipse allow the programmer to use Java, PHP, C language to program the software. Eclipse is one of the programs that is used widely to program and design the software for tracking devices.

On the last part, it would be the future of tracking devices. In the discussion, there’s tracking devices for underwater diver so that they won’t get lost if they are separated with their partner.

To conclude it is all my way of thinking for implementing a product which can contribute to the day-to-day technology growing society.




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